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Vision and Mission

A drummer at The Scots College

Our Faith

At The Scots College we believe that young men discover true wisdom through reverence for God and faith in Jesus Christ. The ultimate aim of our education is to help students acquire a knowledge of the truth — of God, society and the world — so that they are better prepared to serve in their families and the wider world, to the glory of God and for the welfare of others.

Our Mission

In seeking to serve God faithfully, The Scots College exists to inspire boys to learn, lead and serve as they strive for excellence together.

What We Value

  • The Quest for Excellence through adventure, curiosity, creativity and growth.
  • Our Faith and Tradition which inspire truth, honour, loyalty and commitment.
  • Leadership through Teams in a spirit of service, compassion, fun and community.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care features prominently in all aspects of College life and in the day-to-day experiences of each individual in our community. The College focuses on the development of the 'whole student', his values, attitudes and character on the journey to manhood.

Pastoral Care at The Scots College centres on:

  • Looking after the needs of boys and nurturing their growth and development within a safe and caring environment.
  • Promoting a positive, supportive whole-school culture and is a pivotal element of a creative and stimulating learning environment.
  • Underpinning the broad educational environment at Scots and providing the essential foundation to our dynamic and healthy learning community.
  • Raising confident future leaders driven by Christian values with a sense of purpose in the community.
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