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five reasons to choose boarding school

As a parent, the decision to send your son to boarding school can be a difficult one to make. On one hand, boarding school offers a unique learning and educational experience that they won’t receive from a local day school. On the other, boarding school can be expensive, and it means you won’t see your son every day and have limited involvement in their upbringing.

For those parents who are still undecided, here are 10 reasons to consider boarding school for your son.

1. Your son will be stretched

Boarding is an incredible adventure, one that will challenge your son in ways you never imagined. From academic support, to pastoral and residential care, experiencing new social situations, and living with boys from a range of cultural and racial backgrounds, boarding school opens your son up to a new world.

2. Your son will have access to year-round sport and co-curricular opportunities

Living on campus means your son will have much more time outside of school hours to take part in sporting, creative and academic pursuits.

Boarding schools, by nature, allow your son to invest more time in his interests, simply because he has more time. Boarding school gives students access to a range of support networks and facilities, as well as more time for before and after school training that other students miss out on due to their commute.

3. Your son will be surrounded by others who want to achieve success

No matter their passion, boarding offers students the chance to connect with others who share the same passion at a level day school cannot provide. Living with others determined to succeed in their chosen field gives students an extra incentive to do the same.

4. Your son will develop lifelong friends and a professional network

Boarding friendships are often the start of lifelong connections, both personally and professionally. Many alumni groups meet regularly, either for reunions, casual dinners or at major school events such as sporting matches.

5. Your son will have a support system of dedicated teachers

Boarding staff are dedicated teachers and residential advisors who want the best for your son. These staff work around the clock to care for and support your son, often living on campus or very close by. They are available before and after school for tutoring, as well as being a close mentor that boys can rely on.

6. Your son’s sense of independence will flourish

Boarding school often cultivates self-reliance – your son will clean up after himself, be responsible for his own belongings, and need to be accountable to himself to get his studying completed. Boarding school allows your son to get used to the idea of being away from home, and this can be a powerful benefit for later in life.

7. Your son’s communication skills will grow

It can be difficult to communicate with teenagers at times. Living in a boarding school will highlight the importance of communication for your son, as he has peers and teachers sharing the same living quarters. Despite popular belief, boys living together actually tend to talk a lot more, rather than developing a primitive system of grunts to communicate.

8. Your son will develop strong time management and study skills

Boarding life is unique in that every boy, even though they share a roof, will find his own groove. This shows itself in all aspects, but more so in how they approach the use of their spare time. To really succeed in boarding, boys need to find a study pattern that works for them – some are brightest in the morning, others are night owls. Most boys also have a range of sporting and co-curricular commitments to juggle as well.

9. Your son will experience new things

Living away from home opens up new opportunities both inside and outside of school for your son. Inside, he may get to play sports he can’t at home. He may also get to experience local flavours and attractions that he would otherwise miss out on at home, such as visiting world famous Bondi beach, or seeing a play at the Sydney Opera House.

10. Your son will develop leadership skills

In a boarding house, senior students are looked up to by the younger boys, often emulating their behaviour and seeking their wisdom and guidance. For most teenagers, the opportunity to be a role model and mentor on a daily basis will never eventuate. By boarding, your son can develop leadership skills early that prepare him for similar roles later in life.


Deciding whether boarding school is the right decision for your family can be made easier by having access to the right information. Our Boarding Prospectus contains detailed insights into the world of Scots boarding.

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