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Early childhood education is critical to the future of a child’s success. If a child is able to flourish in their early years, studies have shown that they are more likely to thrive throughout school and in their adult lives as well. But what does quality early childhood education look like? Here are three things that it achieves:

Encourages collaboration

Something special happens when boys spend time with each other. It creates a sense of camaraderie, unity and friendship, and teaches boys how to interact with one another. Quality early childhood education will encourage young boys to work together often. They will include plenty of group activities, whether it’s as one big group or into many smaller ones.

Social skills are developed in group settings. It is in this collaborative environment that boys develop qualities like resilience, honesty, respect and empathy. These are the environments where boys learn to make friends, understand how to communicate with one another and become aware of the appropriate behaviour for indoor and outdoor activities.

Collaborative settings, such group activities, class meetings, morning tea and lunch breaks and even going on excursions where they are interacting with the community is what allows young boys to develop strong social skills.

Inspires independence

Even at a young age, it’s important that boys are taught to be independent and are comfortable on their own. Quality early childhood education inspires boys to be independent by giving them responsibility which helps them develop into mature young boys.

Giving responsibilities such as unpacking their own school bag, placing their snacks and lunch in the right place, tidying up their environment and packing up their belongings at the end of the day helps them to become an independent boy. Families too must play their part in providing responsibilities at home. Quality early childhood education understands that raising up independent young boys is a partnership between the home and the school.

Cultivates inquisitiveness

Quality early childhood education also inspires young boys to tap into their inquisitive nature. Boys are naturally curious and the best education creates a space for young boys to ask questions and explore their curiosity. It allows them to engage in experiences that are age-appropriate, skills-based and reflect their interests and investigations. It provides opportunities to support their natural inquisitiveness, eagerness to learn, encourage their love for communication and constantly challenge their thinking.

They achieve this by utilising tools like technology and interactive spaces and allowing room for boys to create and to ask questions. Boys learn through inquiry and questioning and being in an environment where they can test their theories and understandings. Quality early childhood education fosters their curiosity and wonder, while developing their skills in questioning and exploring their world.

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