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Outdoor education has become a key offering in schools today as the value of experiential education – learning by doing – is given more focus.

As part of a balanced curriculum, outdoor educational experiences provide students with opportunities to learn about themselves, others and the environment. These experiences typically include residential, camping or journey-based experiences in rural or wilderness settings. They can also extend to any outdoor learning activity in the natural environment.

For many children, outdoor education activities pose many firsts – the first time away from family, the first time camping and for the current generation, quite possibly their first disconnect from technology.

But the connections they will make during these experiences will be far greater and long-lasting. At The Scots College, we understand that the adventure that lies ahead will be life-changing.

Here are some of the ways that boys can be transformed by outdoor education:

Development of leadership skills

With outdoor education, boys are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning. This allows boys to learn through feeling, reflecting, thinking and doing, outside the restrictions of the classroom. This leads to the development of leadership skills such as risk management, problem solving and personal development skills.

Improved health and wellbeing

It is well documented that spending time in nature is good for your mental health and wellbeing. Similarly, outdoor learning experiences can improve student wellbeing when boys are given the opportunity to connect with nature, other people and themselves.

Improved behaviour

Students that are healthy are less stressed and are able to more easily focus on their school work. When students become stressed they can struggle to keep up in class, again increasing stress and becoming more likely to act out or misbehave.

Builds community and culture

These experiences bond boys for life. Long after students leave school, many still recall their outdoor education experience as the most memorable of their time at school. The shared experience builds the community and culture of not only the school, but most importantly, allows boys to discover what makes the man.

Learn more about The Scots College's unique Glengarry campus, where every Year 9 student spends two terms, living and learning in a unique residential setting.

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