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The power of passionA time old question of what is the main driver of success is most often met with the response; it is passion. This is an important idea, but what is the reason for using passion as power? What are we trying to achieve? The overarching theme and response to most of these questions is, ultimately, to increase happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment. The power of passion is one of the most important elements in keeping healthily engaged with oneself and others.

Passion, obsession or fad

When considering your child's passion, think about what they talk about most. Of course, at their young age, it may be difficult to distinguish their passion from a passing fad. Fortunately pursuing a passion doesn’t mean following a singular pursuit at the expense of everything else, but where enthusiasm and engagement is present, that is the true power of passion.

Below are four things to keep in mind when fostering your child’s passion:

  1. Know your child’s unique interests
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Nurture optimism
  4. Avoid judgement

Passion and reinforcement

In the book Feeling Strong: The Achievement of Authentic Power the author defines passion as targeting toward engagement, and frames power as our “ability to negotiate relationships and our ability to initiate independent goal-oriented activities.” This notion when used with the language of yet (with long term achievement) as feedback is highly positive in the drive toward wellbeing; the ultimate goal in using passion for power and drive. In short, not using absolutes and using encouraging “not yet” language toward achievement will reinforce to your child that achievement and success in their particular passion is possible where a little encouragement and grit is present.

Above all, it is a trial and try again attitude that will prevail. So get curious and explore your interests and your child’s. Trust in your intuition and belief that the outcome is also the journey.

Below are our top three picks for books on passion and the drive for wellbeing and accomplishment:

  1. Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being (2011), Martin E.P Seligman
  2. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance (2016), Angela Duckworth
  3. Grit for Kids: 16 top steps for developing Grit, Willpower, and Perseverance in kids for self-confidence and a successful life (2017), Lee David Daniels

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