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The greatest influences on your son’s education

Neuroscience is a complex field and there is still much about brain development that we don’t know. However, there are some things we do know.

For example, we know that boys experience a surge of testosterone in the womb during the first 24 weeks. We also know that boys’ brains grow slightly faster than girls in the first three months after birth.

What we don’t know is how much these differences affect learning and behaviour.

The greatest influences on your son’s education

Despite our limited knowledge of how children’s brains develop, numerous studies have shown that the greatest influences on how a child learns are the environment in which they spend their time and the level of involvement from their parents.

By his second birthday, your son will have many of the intellectual foundations he needs to support his learning journey – a journey that will last a lifetime.

A study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies found four dimensions of a child’s home learning environment that impact his education more than any other:

  • Home activities, including teaching the child a song, playing games and doing arts and crafts activities;
  • Number of days per week the primary carer or an adult in the family reads to the child;
  • Number of children’s books in the child’s home; and
  • Out-of-home activities, including visiting a library or zoo, going on picnics and attending sporting events.

The results

The study concluded that engaging in home activities, having frequent reading sessions, owning more than 30 books at home and being involved in out-of-home activities led to higher NAPLAN reading and numeracy scores in Year 3. At a minimum, students were found to be at least 11 weeks of schooling ahead in reading and six weeks ahead in numeracy. Interestingly, having more than 30 books at home resulted in almost four months advancement!

Everyday interactions with objects, people and events are providing the foundations for your child’s learning journey. These experiences are the raw ingredients of intelligence.

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