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The end of school often means a new chapter with new friends and peers. However, the end of your son’s schooling does not have to mean the end of his relationship with the school community. A great alumni community can be an invaluable, influential and powerful group in his life. Here are some of the benefits of a great alumni community.

Resourceful networks

Your alumni contacts will keep you well informed about fellow classmates, inspiring stories and successful entrepreneurs. Going to a school with a strong alumni community can open many doors, to opportunities such as mentor programs, career counselling services, career information evenings, job listings and guest lectures. Your alumni community can not only help you build your career, but it also allows you to build and maintain connections with mentors that can assist with your own personal growth. 

Feel connected

Your son’s journey at school is not just about academic achievement. It is also about engaging in social events, building friendships, learning about himself and feeling a sense of belonging to the school community. Being part of an alumni allows you to continuously feel connected and proud to be part of the community with a group that shares common ground. A great alumni community can also mean important business connections. Networking is a key part of a successful career and having good contacts in your alumni community is a good start. 

Share skills and expertise

How many times have you needed the right piece of advice to help you make a tough decision? American novelist and short story writer, Louis Dearborn L'Amour, once said, “Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate, and in circulating, it can increase in quantity and hopefully in value.” A good alumni can offer a platform to share skills and expertise and will provide a lifetime of support. If your son is lucky enough to be in this situation, he can seek advice, comfort and guidance from fellow alumni, and vice versa.

Give back

Alumni communities can play significant roles in giving back to the school. This is turn strengthens the whole school community and benefits all those who are part of it. As an alumni, you are in a position to be someone who can make an impact for students. Donating money is not the only way you can give back to your school. You can volunteer, assist with events, help with food stalls, become a mentor or assist students with resumé building or interview preparation. 

These are just some of the many benefits of a great alumni community. Being part of an alumnus is an honour you carry with you for the rest of your life, so take advantage of the opportunities and services available.


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