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Charlie Jeavons-Fellows, a student at The Scots College

A student’s perspective written by Charlie Jeavons-Fellows.

A boy’s education is something that is an essential part in the journey toward adulthood. Without it, boys will grow up having not learnt the necessary skills that will prepare them for the years ahead.

But there’s a difference between simply getting an education and getting a boys’ education.

For me, a big part of education is the ‘books’ aspect. This is the studying, learning and academic side of the spectrum. How boys learn is unique in that they are curious for exploration and have a desire to discover more about the world.

This is where a boys’ education is so important as it allows them to discover more about themselves, other than just their academic potential. At Scots, young men are able to achieve their academic potential as well as explore a vast array of activities that will excite and invigorate their growing minds.

Boys are able to explore their talents in countless co-curricular activities ranging from Pipes and Drums to Drama, and from Cadets to Photography. One aspect of Scots that I admire is the involvement that boys have in the sporting programs. Sport is essential in a boys’ education as it teaches the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, camaraderie and hard work – all traits that boys need to understand and learn. At Scots, boys are able to learn these valuable traits through dozens of sporting activities, all of which coincide and compliment their academic pursuits.

Something else that has been so important to me during my education at Scots is my involvement in Music. I’ve been part of the music program since Year 7, where I continued my learning of piano and trumpet and started to learn bagpipes. Without music playing a major part of my education, I would never have learnt the importance of patience and dedication when striving to achieve something.

For all boys, an education is something that is essential in their journey from child to manhood but a boys’ education will give students a great advantage in life.

To learn more about the advantage a Scots education provides to boys, visit Scots at one of our Information Mornings.

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