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supporting your son in his boarding journey

Every year, we are approached by parents who have sons starting their boarding journey for the first time.

It’s true that your son is stepping into a whole new world, where he will face different challenges such as doing his laundry, handling new relationships, accommodating a roommate with different sleep habits and coping with homesickness.

Parents often ask about how best to support their son. Here are a ten tips to help you support your son in his boarding journey:

  1. Make sure that he knows what to expect. Spend time reviewing your choice of boarding school and get your son involved in discussions.
  2. Talk to other boarding students to understand their experience. This will help you prepare for some of the issues he might face.
  3. Buy him the necessary possessions to help him through his boarding journey.
  4. Homesickness is a regular and normal part of boarding life. Explain to your son how it feels and how to deal with it.
  5. Identify who his point of contact will be in the boarding house. Encourage your son to speak to them when he is facing issues.
  6. Establish a regular time for a short phone chat and stick to it.
  7. Organise a schedule of visits throughout the year. It is important to meet the new people in his life and give him the chance to show you around the campus.
  1. Allow your son to solve his own problems. Resist the temptation to be an over protective parent.
  2. Expect changes and be patient with yourself and your son. The first year of boarding school can be full of indecision, insecurities and disappointments. Your son is maturing and that is a process that involves changes and mistakes.
  3. Don’t be hurt when your son begins to refer to school as home. It’s a good sign.

Deciding whether boarding school is the right decision for your family can be made easier by having access to the right information. We recently published an ebook on boarding - Your ultimate guide to choosing a boarding school.

Download your copy now for expert insight into the world of boarding schools.

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