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HSC advice for parents with boys_time management

Time management is a hard skill to master. Throughout university, working and even into retirement years, it is a skill that we are constantly refining. Despite this, the final year of schooling – HSC year – is a time like no other to overcome the social pressures, academic responsibilities, co-curricular obligations and stress of moving into adulthood. Help your son to manage his time during this period and you will assist him for years to come.

Here’s three pieces of HSC advice for parents with boys. 

Declutter his work space

Distractions will prevent your son from being organised and meeting goals. Not only this, but a messy desk can heighten stress and leave him feeling anxious and overwhelmed – all of which will have a negative impact on his ability to manage his day. Help ensure that his work space is neat and tidy as well as separate to his sleeping area so that he can switch on and off as required. Keeping the area phone-free whilst studying will furthermore keep your son focused on the task at hand. 

Help him to plan everything

Looking ahead at the week, term and year, is the key to ensuring that assessment tasks, major works and trial examinations don’t compound all at same time. Use a yearly planner and pencil in key HSC dates - such as cut off dates for special provisions, undergraduate applications and examinations - factoring in any planned holidays, sporting commitments or anything else that you can think of.

Once you and your son have created a long-term plan, start looking at shorter time periods of terms and weeks. Create a weekly or fortnightly timetable in the same fashion as the year planner. Start by blocking off any regular commitments and then allocate time for studying, homework, family, relaxation and so on. It helps to break large tasks into smaller ones and work on one section at a time.

Encourage your son to make to-do lists daily and organise tasks by priority. Once he has completed each task he should check it off his list to keep track of his progress. 

Don’t forget about his health

In HSC year, it’s easy for late nights, stress over small things, and general health neglect to become habits. It is crucial to remind your son that his mental and physical health need to be one of his top priorities during Year 12. Support him with healthy meals at home, remind him to exercise often and ensure that he gets a good night’s sleep regularly. Falling ill will hamper your son’s ability to study and any missed school days and assessment tasks will need to be caught up on. Diminished health will also mean that he has reduced focus and concentration.

For more HSC advice, you can read about how to beat procrastination here.

The HSC can be a difficult time for both students and parents. To help you navigate this period we have put together The HSC Survival Guide - a guide containing expert advice for parents from teachers, counsellors and around the web. Download your copy by clicking the banner below.

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