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The journey of raising up fine young men starts early, but the task for raising up intelligent and mature young boys isn’t just the responsibility of the school; parents and families have a critical role to play as well. Here are a few helpful tips on how to support your toddler’s learning at home.

Get to know your child's teacher

If your toddler is in early childhood education, find a way to meet their teacher. Let them know that you are eager to assist in your son’s learning. Being connected to his teacher can help you understand how your son is really doing and what you can do to help at home.

Ask questions like: What specific problem is my child facing? Where are the areas he is struggling in? What can I do to help my child with this problem?

Demonstrate a positive attitude about education

What you say and do in your daily life has an impact on the way your toddler perceives education. By demonstrating to your child that you value education, it helps to foster in them a positive attitude towards school. It shows them that learning can be enjoyable and helps to spark excitement to learn. Affirming education sets a good example to your toddler and contributes to their success in school. 

Promote learning

You can help your son understand the importance of education by engaging in activities such as reading. Teaching your child to become a reader is one of the most critical elements to succeed in school and in life. Setting aside a place to learn, establishing routines and removing distractions will help facilitate their learning.

Active learning is also very important for toddlers – this involves allowing your child to ask questions, solve problems and explore interests. Active learning can take place when your toddler is involved in a game, spending time with friends or playing musical instruments. By encouraging this type of behaviour, your child’s participation and interest in school is likely to increase.

Teach responsibility and independence

Being able to take responsibility and work independently are important qualities for school success. Even from an early age, toddlers can be responsible if you can teach them appropriately. Start small by inviting them to help with housework within their skill level and show them the way tasks are meant to be done. Establishing rules that you consistently enforce, such as what to do straight after school, the amount of television they’re allowed to watch and when they should read also helps to develop your son’s independence.

Inside every young boy is a potential world-changer, and the partnership between the school and the home is key to helping them become all that they can be. These tips will help you to come alongside your son better and support their learning at home.

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