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Completing preschool and coming into ‘big school’ is a significant achievement. It presents an exciting opportunity in which your son is stepping into a new stage of life. To help with the transition, here are a few tips on how to prepare your son for Year 1.

Encourage good reading habits

Children enjoy reading the most when they are reading stories that captivate their imagination. Encourage your son  to develop a strong reading habit by identifying the kind of books that he enjoys reading and surrounding him with them. Make frequent library visits to expose him to a range of great authors and genres that will make him want to read more. Have frequent conversations about the books he’s reading, what he’s learning and what he’s enjoying about it.

Teach independence

Although it’s important for our boys be great students and achieve success in an academic setting, we also want them to become independent young men. As parents, you play a key part in teaching independence by giving him responsibilities. Encourage him to take responsibility of his own belongings, to look after his school bag and stationery, to clean up after meals and to return his library books. Developing a routine at home can be helpful in fostering independence in your son.

Manage time

Helping to manage your son’s time is so important in the lead up to Year 1. Make sure that your son isn’t overloaded with too many holidays, performances or competitions. Before the start of the school year, ensure that he is sleeping well and eating well, as he will need to get used to waking up earler and having longer periods for activities at school. Adequate sleep will be necessary.

Creating a timetable may be helpful as they come into Year 1. Help your son son understand their daily routine and the importance of it, what times they will be in school and what happens on weekends.

Set goals

What are the things your son wants to achieve in the new school year? Setting goals can be a weekly, monthly or even a quarterly activity. How many books does he want to read? How many friends does he want to make? Are there any after school activities or clubs he wants to join? Setting goals can help your son to become more excited to start the school year.

Talk to your son

Have conversations with your son about school and his new experiences. Listen to what he is saying about school and whether or not he is eager or nervous. If he’s feeling overwhelmed, give him the appropriate support and encouragement.

Share stories about when you were in school and show him your old photos, report cards and uniforms. Invite your son to share his own experiences as well. By doing so, it helps him to feel recognised and that his enthusiasm for school is supported.

The start of Year 1 is an exciting time for your son and for your family. It is a collective adventure towards maturity, independence and flourishing in life.

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