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In this era of open-mindedness, there still exists a stigma around boarding. Misconceptions and myths can cause parents and carers to dismiss boarding as a good schooling option for their children. Today we look at some of them.

Here are the top five boarding school myths debunked:

Boarding school is only for rural children

Whilst there certainly is a large proportion of boarding students from rural areas, changing home situations where both parents now work full-time has seen an increase in international students as well as city-dwellers. Aspects of boarding such as extracurricular activities, sport and extended supervision also prove attractive to these families.

Boarding school will put a strain on family relationships

Many parents believe that due to the separation, boarding school will put a strain on family relationships. Yet most boarding schools allow ample opportunity for students to take leave to visit family. They are also encouraged to contact and update their family on a regular basis, and many boarders go the extra mile to make this happen. For day students, this is often taken for granted. Some studies also suggest that having someone else discipline your child removes tension between parents and their children, thus improving their relationship.

Children with special learning needs are not suited to boarding

In fact, quite the contrary is true. More commonly than not, students with special learning needs benefit from the added supervision and specialist professionals. There is also the added advantage of boarding staff getting better acquainted with your child and therefore better suited to accommodate his or her needs as a teacher during the day.

The boarding staff will not put enough pressure on my child to succeed

Regular supervised study times are typically built into a boarding schedule. During these sessions, students will have a host of resources available to them including teaching staff, libraries and their peers.

The boarding school environment is conducive to drug use and alcohol abuse

Boarders are closely supervised at all times. Boarding students also operate a full timetable so there is less opportunity to pursue either of the two during leisure time.

Deciding whether boarding school is the right decision for your family can be made easier by having access to the right information. We recently published an ebook on boarding, Your ultimate guide to choosing a boarding school.

Download your copy now for expert insights into the world of boarding schools.

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