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With the way the world is evolving, entrepreneurship and social leadership are skills that boys need in order to flourish. Entrepreneurship is all about being opportunistic and becoming problem-solvers, and social leadership is about utilising these skills in order to serve the greater community. Here are a few reasons why developing these attributes so are important.

Igniting the entrepreneurial spirit

Although entrepreneurs have existed for some time and there is an emerging focus on individuals developing a business framework, there has not been a perfect science in fostering entrepreneurial skills. Boys regularly demonstrate the attributes of an entrepreneur such as identifying problems and coming up with solutions, and we can better prepare them for the future by deliberately developing these skills.

Regardless of the career path or context, boys must be able to develop a business framework; they will naturally have to sell themselves and their products. Research predicts that in 20 to 30 years’ time, the most common employer will be oneself. Therefore, boys will need to be able to create work and business ideas for themselves. Our responsibility is then to help them grow in these areas by encouraging them to find problems, devise solutions and to inspire others with these solutions.

Becoming a social leader

Social leadership, on the other hand, is all about encouraging boys to utilise their entrepreneurial skills to serve the greater community. Being a social leader is not about, “How much money can I make?” But rather, “What are the needs of the community and of the world?” It isn’t just about trying to make things more efficient and effective, but rather about meeting the personal, social and emotional needs of those we do life with.

Whether it’s in a classroom, family or a local football club, leadership takes place in many contexts, and we do a disservice to our boys if we box leadership to only doing one thing in one context. Boys need to be aware that they are part of a greater community and we need to help them feel comfortable to lead in different settings. Social leadership is about teaching boys to carry a posture of leadership with them and to inspire them to be ready to serve in any context.

Preparing for the future

Being opportunistic is necessary to thrive in the future workplace. Boys must be able to perceive problems as opportunities, be driven to find solutions and be able to sell their vision of the relevant solution as well. Similarly, boys need to know the purpose for their existence – to serve others. It isn’t just about using their soft and hard skills to make their lives comfortable, but to maximise them in such a way that makes the lives of those around them better as well.

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