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Boys are functional creatures, and that’s why it’s so important to have them in touch with the arts and aesthetics. They need to be made conscious of their role in the creation of beauty. Boys need to know that they are the designers, shapers, and creators of the future.

Teaching the creative process

In order to teach boys how to engage with creativity, it really begins with encouraging them to be passionate about creating art. Collaboration and working alongside one another is key to having them engaged in the process of producing beauty and creating things that have not previously existed. Boys need to know that they have the permission to let their imaginations run wild, because when they are engaged in the creative process the world will reap its benefits.

The rewards of design thinking

The way we teach boys needs a shift. We need to redesign it into a schooling and a teaching experience that will equip boys to prepare them to lead in the world. Innovative design and change are often pioneered by creative people, and if we can inspire and develop the creative spirit within our boys, we can set them up to be influencers in society.

Making a difference

Teaching boys the creative process is really about teaching them to make a difference in the world. It’s about creating opportunities to produce meaningful things and allowing them to flourish in meaningful ways. It’s providing a unique space where they can contribute to the common good.


Technological advancement has made it possible for boys to experiment and to create; to produce, reproduce and refine their work; to tell their own stories and the story of their community. The possibilities are endless, so let’s set them up as being the designers of the future.

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