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Building character within boys and giving them the right care is key to raising up world-changers.

Character is developed over time, but we can put structures in place now where we can effectively care for, shape dispositions, and ultimately create good character within our boys. Following these tips will help set-up your sons to flourish in the future.

Create supportive environments

There is a crisis of character in today’s society. With one in four young people dealing with a mental illness, the statistics behind mental health are overwhelming. We need to raise up young men that make wise decisions and can bounce back from the obstacles they face.

Character is best developed within a caring and supportive environment; both schools and the household have the responsibility of creating these spaces. At home, encourage open conversations with your sons. Create a space where they are comfortable to have honest conversations about the things they are struggling with. It may have to begin with you as the parent opening up first and establishing the safe and open nature of the conversation.

Reflect on these environments

Not only are we meant to create these caring environments, but we also need to make sure that they’re working. Have measurables and indicators to see whether your boys are developing stronger character. If your boys are having more honest conversations, or you see that your son is making wiser decisions, these are indicators that they are maturing and forming good character.

Give each boy unique care

Providing effective care means doing things in a way that will work for our boys. Personalised care and education is important – we cannot treat every single boy the same. Every boy is special and has something great to contribute to the world, and our job is to instil confidence in them and to inspire hope around their potential. We need to help give them a good start in life.

It’s key that we have structures in place – both in schools and in the home – so we can care for our boys and help develop good character. Let’s be committed to creating spaces that will support our sons, where every boy is lifted up and is set-up to flourish in life.


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