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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
John F Kennedy

The need for good learning, teaching and leadership is vital. Contemporary studies of leadership strongly suggest that Australia needs ethical and imaginative leaders at every level, to cope with the complex problems of a changing world. The place to seed this is in schools. Schools need educators whose values are incorporated into the students’ experience, alongside the learning of core subject areas.

Extending learning beyond the classroom

At Scots there is no singular approach to develop leadership in our boys; rather a carefully researched and balanced educational program is required to foster the capacity for reflective and ethically informed leadership. The most effective learning is that which combines theory and practice. This comes together across team sports, arts experiences, academic research teams, community service and the many transforming programs offered at Glengarry. Students must be presented with learning situations both in the classroom and elsewhere to strengthen the connection between ideas and actions.

Developing future leaders

Encouraging boys to understand and accept the responsibility of leadership – and to do so in harmony with the value of service to others – is needed. Through interdisciplinary experiences, together with a strong intellectual foundation, schools can prepare boys to graduate with the ability to assess the leadership challenges in their environment, and to work with others to identify and pursue a common purpose.

Skills students need for their futures

Academically, one of the core functions of Scots is to produce skilled critical thinkers. Instilling fundamental skills such as analysis of data and the construction and critique of argument are key. This requires both breadth and depth of study, so our students can master skills of analysis at different levels of generality.

Written by Dr Ian PM Lambert, Principal of The Scots College.

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