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When it comes to Schoolboys Rugby, Scots has much to be proud of in, having produced eight players that have been selected in the Australian Schoolboys team in the past three seasons, leaving a legacy of high performing sportsmen that no other school in the country has managed to rival in this era.

Darcy Breen, Year 12, is one of the boys chosen for the Australian Schoolboys team, and accredits his selection to the rigorous Rugby Program at Scots.

“It was due to the continued hard work and growth within the Rugby program at Scots over the past five years – training at Scots is not easy street.”

Darcy has no doubts about why Scots has consistently been victorious in the competition. “The current 1st XV trains in a highly professional and competitive environment, and you have to continually grow as a player if you want to keep up.”

Boys feel that the sport is more than just an extracurricular activity or a means to develop their physical skills. Rugby at Scots imbues the feelings of success through discipline, persistence and sacrifice. It fills the boys with a deep sense of achievement.

“My most fond memory of Rugby was the 2016 Back to Scots Weekend victory, which sealed the premiership for us last year”, exclaims Darcy. “During the game, we were able to effectively execute our plays and have a lot of fun out on the field, I was able to score my first GPS try which capped off a great day.”

Scots had nine players selected for the Australian Schoolboys trials this year: Darcy Breen (Year 12), Billy Smith (Year 12) and Jeremy Williams (Year 11) for NSW 1s; William Harris (Year 11), Tom Yassmin (Year 12), Charlie Savala (Year 11) and Brett Wellington (Year 11) for NSW2s; and Ben Joseph (Year 12) and Charlie Baker (Year 12) for Combined States.

“We have been seeing some phenomenal results from our boys”, remarked Mr Graham Pattison, Director of Sport at Scots. “I am proud of their sportsmanship, and how they have kept up with the long legacy of Rugby achievement at Scots.”

According to Graham, “Darcy is the personification of the values and beliefs we aim to instil in all our athletes at Scots. He approaches training with a consistent and determined purpose, continually seeking feedback from coaches and applying the work both in the gym and on the training field. His dedication to his craft has paid dividends with his selection in the Schoolboys side.”

Darcy, along with Tom Yassmin, who was selected for the Australian Schoolboys Barbarians team, will feature in a series of games against New Zealand and Fiji in Sydney during September.

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