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Meet Campbell Duff, a current Year 12 boarding student at The Scots College – located in Bellevue Hill, Sydney.

Campbell enjoys various subjects and sports at the College, studying Advanced English, Biology, Maths, Modern History, Music, and PDHPE.

Campbell also represents the College at Basketball and Rugby and plays the bagpipes in A Band Pipes and Drums.

Recently, we sat down in conversation with Campbell to understand his life as a Boarder at Scots.

A boarder's perspective: Campbell Duff (Year 12)

Where does your family come from?

"My family comes from a property called ‘Belargo’, which is on the Newell Highway, 40 kilometres from Forbes."

What year did you start boarding at The Scots College?

"I started boarding at Scots in 2014."

How did you feel about the opportunity of boarding in the city? 

"I was excited about boarding in Sydney, especially in the Eastern Suburbs, which is very close to numerous beaches, especially Australia’s iconic beach, Bondi."

When you arrived at the College what is the first thing you recall thinking?

"When I arrived at the College, I remember visiting my cousin James who graduated in 2015 – and I couldn’t believe how big the College was and how impressive the facilities are."

Home versus Scots

What is your daily routine as a boarder and how does this differ from home?

"On a weekday at Scots, I will usually wake-up at 6:00am to go to the gym, I then have breakfast at around 7:40am and get myself ready  for school. Sometimes, I have Pipe Band practice at lunchtime, and in the afternoons I have Sport training, or I go to the Library to study. Dinner is at 5:40pm, usually followed by a game of touch that involves most boarders – this is usually before Prep time at 6:40pm.

When I’m at home I have a more casual schedule, which  allows me the flexibility to juggle farm and school work."

What reminds you of home when boarding at Scots 

"Having my brother and other country boys around, always reminds me of home."

When you feel homesick what do you do?

"If I ever start to feel homesick I will give my parents a phone call, which normally helps me feel better."

College Life

What are some of the activities or opportunities you've experience at Scots that you would otherwise not get?

"Some of the activities I have experienced at Scots include playing the bagpipes in Scotland, twice, for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the World Pipe Band Championships. I also went on a service-learning trip to the Solomon Islands, which was a great experience."

What are your goals once you graduate?

"Once I graduate, I intend to go to Sydney University to study Sport Science, whilst playing rugby for the Eastern Suburbs and maintain close relations to the College."

What do you enjoy doing in the local area during free time?

"Going to the beach is always a good way to spend my free time; or playing basketball on the Scots courts or kicking a footy around on the oval."


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