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Children are born ready to learn. Their brains develop through use and actually needs to be stimulated in order for them to learn, yet there are different ways this can be done. Here are ten ways children learn and how you can help them.

They learn through actively engaging with their environment

Children learn best when they can interact with the environment they are in. They learn when they are able to observe people, watch faces and respond to voices. They learn when they can explore, touch different objects and ask questions.

As parents, placing your son in different contexts where all five of his senses are stimulated can play a significant part in his learning.

They learn through being involved in their learning

Learning can also be enhanced when your son feels that he is participating in his learning. For example, instead of simply reading to your child, give him the chance to choose the books he reads. Allow him to pick the toys and games to play. By giving him the opportunity to make decisions in his learning, you are helping him to be more engaged.

They learn through doing different activities

Having your child involved in different activities gives them different ways to learn. For boys who learn through different activities, you can help with their learning by alternating what they do – have them be involved in both indoor and outdoor activities, allow them to be both physically active and resting, to be with friends and to be by themselves.

They learn through having your support

You are your son’s first teacher and your support will play a critical part in his learning. He will need you to show him what to do. He will need your encouragement to keep him engaged and to help him feel confident. However, he will also need you to allow him to make mistakes and to help him learn from these mistakes.

They learn through interaction

Some children learn best through interpersonal activity. They enjoy being involved in teams, group projects and discussion. They are leaders and are good at directing their friends to get a job done.

Children are not born with social skills – they have to learn how to relate to one another. Giving your son the opportunity to interact with his peers is a great way for him to develop the skills he needs to get along with others.

They learn through being on their own

Some boys learn best when they’re on their own. They learn through self-expression, and are often drawing, creating art, journaling and spending time by themselves. As parents, you can facilitate their learning by allowing them to operate in spaces that are comfortable for them.

They learn through play

Play is instinctive for a child. It is their natural environment and is the most efficient tool for their learning. Play allows children to foster their natural curiosity and learn life lessons they cannot learn in any other environment. Through play, children are able to develop their cognitive skills, physical abilities, vocabulary, imagination, social skills, literacy skills, negotiation skills and their creativity.

They learn through using objects

Children can also learn by interacting with objects and using them in different ways. When your child is experimenting, exploring and creating with a range of materials, they learn about problem-solving in situations where there are no set or ‘right’ answers.

They learn through using words

Some children learn best when words are involved. They enjoy enjoy reading, writing and listening. If you notice that your son is always in a book, flipping through pages or writing things down, he is a linguistic learner and you can help his learning by encouraging him to continue to read.

They learn through using logic

There are also children who are more logical in their approach to learning. If your son learns this way, it is likely that he has a strong mathematical mind and enjoys learning through logic, reason and structures. Help facilitate their learning by encouraging them to be structured and sequential, and to develop a more structured approach.

They learn through using pictures

Children who are visual learners utilises imagery to help with their learning. They learn best when they can picture what they are learning. You can engage their learning through the use of images, art, videos, drawings and diagrams. Encourage their learning by allowing them to doodle and to illustrate their ideas.

They learn through being active

There are children who learn best when they actually experience their learning. Their understanding of a concept is enhanced when they have a hands-on approach. For example, rather than being taught physics theories in a classroom, some boys would learn better if these theories were practically demonstrated.

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