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Senior School at Scots

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“I think it would be hard to find an environment as diverse as Scots. No matter what their talent is, a Scots boy will always have the opportunity to become a fine young man.”
George Finlayson,  Prefect 2016

The Senior School is where Scots boys grow into fine young men. As they thrive on their independence and increased confidence they become brave of heart and bold of mind ready to learn, lead and serve in the community.

Through our Sport, International, Academic, Outdoor Education (Glengarry) and our extensive Co-Curricular Program, Scots boys are provided with experiences of adventure and excellence to extend themselves beyond their wildest dreams.

Scots' teaching staff, Tutor Groups and Pastoral Care program collectively support boys to achieve their broader academic goals and continually develop as an individual, discovering their inner resources.

Our evidence, research-based curriculum, based on the mandatory curriculum from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and specifically designed for boys, utilises the latest technology to engage students in enriching experiences.


The Scots College has intentionally developed a Faculty structure, similar to that used in Universities, to better prepare students for tertiary life and education. Within each Faculty are Departments solely responsible for each specialised area of study.

Faculty of Applied Science

Faculty of Creative Arts

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Social Science

Curriculum at The Scots College

The Scots College offers the NESA mandated curriculum. In Years 7 and 8, students are provided with a choice of languages to study — Chinese, French, Indonesian and Latin.

All Year 9 students participate in a residential Outdoor Education Program for two terms at our Glengarry campus in Kangaroo Valley. Glengarry is renowned for providing generations of defining moments for boys as they grow into men.

In Years 9 and 10, students choose, in addition to the NESA core curriculum, two elective subjects from a wide range of offerings across the three Faculties below. This is a time for boys to explore their gifting and areas of interest in preparation for making an informed decision of their pattern of study for Years 11 and 12. A comprehensive Careers Education Program is also introduced in Year 10 to support the boys in selecting an appropriate direction for their senior years at The Scots College.

In Years 11 and 12, Scots' students are able to choose from a range of HSC subject options designed to meet their specific needs and interests. The College also offers NESA Endorsed Vocational Courses such as Construction plus access to VET courses at TAFE.

We encourage the boys to expand their horizons and we can provide them with specialist courses at tertiary education institutions, including Distinction Courses.


The Scots College is committed to developing differentiated pathways which begin where boys are, and take them where they want to go. The Scots Advantage is that boys will have, from the very earliest years, a variety of pathways which will allow them to express and develop their gifts and talents, within a holistic philosophy of education – Brave Hearts, Bold Minds. Boys are challenged physically, spiritually and academically through a variety of sporting and learning pathways, beginning with our youngest students in the Early Years Centre, through to Year 12.

Honours Quest

The Honours Quest Program allows boys to identify and pursue their academic passions. Boys can complete the Honours Quest in single or multiple Faculties and use the program as a means of expressing their ability in and commitment to their studies.

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