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Using robots that they had built and programmed themselves, five bright young students completed their weekend as the state winners of the New South Wales RoboCup Junior Championship. The competition saw the group from The Scots College emerge victorious with a ten point margin following a gruelling two days at the University of New South Wales last week.

The robots, complete with ultrasonic, infrared and light sensors, are part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Co-Curricular Program at The Scots College. Under this Program, students meet on a weekly basis to work on their robots so that they are able to operate unassisted and automated.

However, Emlyn Evans (15), Geordan Lirantzis (16), Harry Mead (15), Alex Muddle (16) and Andrew Taylor (16) spent many tireless days and long nights ensuring their robot was up to scratch for the Championship’s Open Soccer Division.

The students were rewarded for their efforts when, despite hardware and software problems on the first day of competition presenting a dubious future, they secured a place in the National RoboCup Junior Championships to be held later this month.

“These boys typify the spirit of the Brave Hearts Bold Minds education philosophy at Scots.” Said Mr René Mercer, Master in Charge STEAM at The Scots College. “By competing at a level that requires significant commitment, creativity and intellectual excellence, they have made the College very proud”.

The five students have refused to rest on their laurels – instead continuing to work on changing and improving their robots in preparation for this next stage in the competition.

Image: Andrew Taylor (16) working on repairs in preparation for the next match.

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