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Preparatory School

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"The self-assured, responsible and friendly manner of our boys reflects the many and varied opportunities that are afforded to them. Being a distinctly comprehensive school with authentic Scottish educational traditions, their achievements are testimony to the programs which focus on the full development of the talents and needs of our boys."
Mr John Crerar, Head of The Preparatory School

At the Preparatory School, we focus on developing the boys' joy and passion for learning, self-confidence and an enduring value system through providing a range of enriching experiences that help boys grow and develop from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Early Learning Centre - Transition to Year 1

On entering the exciting world of the Early Learning Centre (ELC) in Bellevue Hill, each boy is an active discoverer of his new world.

A unique, colourful and adventurous curriculum leads our youngest Scots boys along the beginning of their Scots ELC learning pathway in the Cubs (3 year olds) and Lions (4 year olds) programs.

Harnessing a boy's natural curiosity and energy, these programs are informed by Reggio Emilia principles and encourage each boy to explore and discover his world.

Within the Centre's supportive and active learning environment, every boy learns to explore new ideas with confidence. As they become more courageous, boys discover and question cause and effect in the world around them. They express their curiosity and wonder with their ever growing vocabulary moving from 'what?' to 'why?' and 'how?' questions.

As they move through to Kindergarten and Year 1, this paves the way for more formal schooling with writing, spelling and numeracy a focus for learning. It is within this phase that the five pillars for literacy learning are formed - phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension. And as the boys' enthusiasm to learn increases so does their potential.

Junior Preparatory School (Years 2 to 4) and Senior Preparatory School (Years 5 to 6)

As students in the Preparatory School graduate from the ELC, they continue to strengthen their literacy and numeracy skills in addition to studying Human Society and its Environment, Science and Technology, Visual Arts, Library, Music, Indonesian (available from Year 5), Physical Education, Drama, Dance and Christian Studies.

At The Scots College, we are not confined solely to Academic excellence; the Co-Curricular Program at Preparatory School gives boys an opportunity to discover their talents. Students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and participate in the strings program, choral groups and instrumental ensembles. Chess, Debating and Public Speaking are also among the many Co-Curricular activities in which we encourage the boys to become involved.

The College is dedicated to providing for the unique needs of the individual. Programs are developed to be not only age specific, but tailored to the developmental stage of each child.

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