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Our Education Philosophy

Brave Hearts Bold Minds — An education philosophy

"We are all measured by what sort of people we have become. At The Scots College, we strive to foster brave hearts and bold minds in every Scots boy through challenges and passion born of adventure." 
Dr Ian PM Lambert, Principal

At Scots, we value the quest for excellence through adventure, curiosity, creativity and growth.

The Scots College is committed to a culture of high expectations in which boys can become creative, confident and accomplished learners. Our desired learning outcome is a young man who strives to maintain a firm grasp of every aspect of his humanity, working to develop his true masculinity and to strengthen himself in every way possible. Students at The Scots College in our state-of-the-art STEAM room

We wish our graduates to be young men who are:

  • Confident, well-grounded men of integrity with a strong sense of identity, values, and character.
  • Motivated, disciplined and equipped to pursue the art of scholarship as an integral part of a rich and rewarding life.
  • Principled, compassionate and engaged citizens of their College, their community and their world.
  • Erudite and wise, with a worldview that encompasses knowledge of the past, perceptive insight into the present and innovative thinking about our global future.

Scots' developmental-stage-relevant models of learning seek to make every day in a Scots boy's life part of an exciting adventure. Our boys journey through six distinct stages as they learn how to live with brave hearts and bold minds in the world.

  • The Scots College Rose Bay to Early Learning Centre (ELC) - Curiosity in the world
  • Kindergarten to Year 1 - Exploration in the world
  • Years 2 to 4 - Wonder in the world
  • Years 5 to 6 - Mastery in the world
  • Years 7 to 9 - Adventure in the world
  • Years 10 to 12 - Courage and Conviction in the world

We strive to produce right heartedness, right thinking and right action. With Brave Hearts and Bold Minds - head, heart and hands engaged — our Scots boys may become strong, secure, humble and powerful.New Call-to-action

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