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Indigenous Education

Indigenous Education at The Scots College aims to make a profound difference in boys’ lives with the opportunity to be a fine Scots boy.

Research shows that the inability to access long-term quality education is one of the major contributing factors to the cycle of unemployment, poverty and ill health experienced by some of Australia’s Indigenous communities today.

The Scots College Indigenous Bursary Fund was established to provide top quality secondary educational opportunities for young Aboriginal men. The program offers an education to boys who demonstrate leadership potential and are committed, with the support of their families, to achieving excellence in their lives.

To learn more about the Indigenous Education program at Scots, please download a copy of our Enriching Lives - Indigenous Education brochure

Scholarship Applications

To apply for an Indigenous Scholarship at The Scots College, download the application information. The $500 registration fee does not apply to Indigenous applicants.


People have the opportunity to donate to the Indigenous Education Program to continue to provide educational opportunities at The Scots College for Indigenous Australians.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk about scholarships, funding or mentoring, please contact Mr Kevin Brennan, Director of Boarding at

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