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Faculty of Humanities

Humanities students at The Scots College

The Humanities are the group of subjects that makes meaning with words. The kind of truth we seek is social truth, and the weapons we wield are the words created to make that kind of truth. We study Languages, English, Christian Studies and History because these subjects are where stories are told about our past, our present and our future. These subjects together form our worldview, and it’s important to be aware of ours, to interrogate it, and understand other worldviews.

Therefore, we value excellence in speaking, writing, listening and reading. In the Humanities, we understand that worlds can build worlds, but they can also demolish them. So, we also teach wisdom in the deployment of words. Our boys are learning to grow into men who wield words with power, precision and compassion. 

We have a rich and flourishing Speaking and Debating program at Scots, as well as a Mock Trial group. These Co-Curricular activities are an extremely valuable way to grow strong and supple in the tradition of the Humanities. 

The History department runs the History Society, where students can learn the importance of stories to shape the way we think. The English department runs competitions year round for essay writing, poetry, and short stories. The quality of these contributions are regularly outstanding. The Scots College also regularly brings international theologians and thinkers to the school, with whom our Humanities boys can debate with and learn from.


English is a thrilling adventure in the world of words. We read stories across history, we read poetry both local and strange, we engage with films both blockbuster and art-house. English students at Scots learn to write creatively and critically, and learn the power of a beautifully crafted sentence.


The Scots College offers four different languages, each of them taught by teachers who are either native speakers or fluent in their second language. From Year 7 onwards, students are offered the chance to learn Indonesian, French, Mandarin Chinese and Latin. As our graduating boys will attest, the program is both rigorous and fun as they learn to navigate a social world through a second language.

Christian Studies

Christian Studies is the space where students are explicitly invited to wonder about our world. Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose as human beings? These enormous questions are framed by a Christian belief in the Creator God, making these questions not simpler, but richer and at times more complex. We invite and treasure debate from our boys, building curiosity and respect in our students.


The study of History is never old, but always new and unfolding. History offers our students a place where they can read the stories about the past, and interrogate them. Our History students are invited to recognise just how powerful these stories are to shape our view of ourselves, and invited to join in the complex job of examining the historical record.

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