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Glengarry, Long Journey Home, Intake 1 2019

Glengarry is a unique outdoor education, six-month residential experience for all Year 9 students. This unique program is conducive to boys' rapid social, physical and mental development. A rite of passage into manhood. Founded around the concept of experiential learning, Glengarry will provide your son with all the benefits of outdoor education.

Founding Principal Graeme Renney knew that exposing boys to the natural environment and creating opportunities for them to be challenged physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically in the context of the outdoors, would develop boys in a distinct manner that would set Scots boys apart.

Located in the pristine Kangaroo Valley, two hours south west of Sydney, Glengarry provides a learning environment with the highest level of Outdoors NSW  accreditation with extensive state-of-the-art safety and risk management procedures. Here, boys learn the tools they need to grow into fine young men.

At Glengarry Scots boys discover:

  • Personal strengths through experiential learning opportunities spanning all academic curriculum areas.
  • The value of our environment firsthand. Located in a region renowned for its high biodiversity value, housing an abundance of native flora and fauna, Glengarry is the ideal Science classroom.
  • Benefit of healthy eating and exercise.
  • An expanded world view without mobiles, game consoles and television.
  • An enriched bond with their family through letter correspondence and family visits.
  • How to face their fears and enter 'the challenge zone', extending themselves beyond their wildest dreams.
  • How to live with others in a community of their peers in a two-term residential stay in which lifelong friendships are formed.
  • A deeper understanding of Christian values and teaching in relation to God, the world and the environment of which they are a part, and their relationship to them.

Introduced in 2012, the ‘Long Journey Home’, a hike of over 200 kilometres concludes the boys' time at Glengarry and takes them home to Bellevue Hill. This rite of passage involves mountain biking, hiking, canoeing and a ferry ride from Bundeena to Rose Bay.

The Glengarry experience is a defining period in the boys' lives and is often recalled by Old Boys of the College as the highlight of their time at Scots.

Learn more about our unique Glengarry campus by downloading our Glengarry brochure.

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