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Extended Day Academic Program


Scots' Extended Day Academic Program is a new and distinctive program that offers Senior Students in Years 7 to 11 a secure environment to get ahead on their studies after school hours, with teacher supervision and support.

The Program offers support for English, Mathematics and Science with flexible options available depending on your son's needs. Each session is staffed by a Coordinator and a minimum of two carefully selected Old Boys and teaching staff.

Pioneers in academic support 

As one of the first schools to introduce such an initiative, the Program has emerged in response to parental enquiries surrounding the need for a more flexible school day that provides a structured environment for boys looking to dedicate greater amounts of time to their academic study.

The Program's point of difference is that it provides students with individual, personalised academic support to help them get ahead in their studies and results. The Program focuses on the proven formula that an increase in structured study translates into enhanced academic results and outcomes.

Along with the academic support, students also receive feedback and guidance on how to improve their time management and organisational skills, and how to develop better study habits. Parents have noted decreased levels of stress and pressure at home due to the support their son has received during the Long Day Program.


The Extended Day Program is available Monday to Wednesday, with session one running from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, and session two starting at 6:00pm and concluding at 7:30pm. Students are also provided dinner  regardless of which session they attend.

The cost of the Program is $18 per session, or $29 if attending both. 

The Extended Day Academic Program does not run during the last week of each term.

What students are saying

"It's given me the ability to study in a relaxed environment with great teachers and resources. It's really motivated me to study." - Nicholas Ward, Year 11

"Extended Day has helped me get in tune with better study habits in a relaxing and comfortable environment, and the food is magnificent!" - Max Puharich, Year 11

What parents are saying

"The sessions have been really helpful and I am really pleased with the way they are run. Thank you to you and your team." - Anita Commander (Year 10 mother)

"Harry has commented that he would have never improved so much if he was not in the Program!" - Maria Guslekova (Year 12 mother)  

"I just wanted to thank you for this afternoon. Tom has arrived home genuinely enthused and happy about his work this afternoon. Thank you for suggesting the session and in particular giving him more guidance in his work - I really appreciate it." - Catherine Scott (mother of an Old Boy)

"We have enrolled Oscar in the Extended Day Program where he is having an excellent experience with the English teachers supporting and supervising study for this Program. He is coming home feeling enthusiastic and motivated about his English studies." - Samantha and Paul McGivern (Year 8 parents)

"William has benefitted immensely from the Extended Day Program twice per week, and it has certainly made things easier for everyone at home. It gives him a great start and structure for each week on his homework, assignments and exam preparation, and also provides coaching assistance to him when needed. He has made lots of new friends over dinner, particularly getting to know the boarders and this has prepared him well for the communal living now at Glengarry. All in all, we highly recommend the Program to all day boy families both from an academic and social perspective." - Nicholle Lindner (Year 9 mother)

Find out more

To learn more about the Extended Day Academic Program please contact Mr Steven Williams at s.williams@tsc.nsw.edu.au

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