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Each year, the College awards a number of Academic and Music scholarships. It is our aim to help students who, without our support, might not be able to avail themselves of the opportunities offered. We also understand that financial considerations may prevent boys from sharing in the experiences that we offer. In response to these considerations, the College also offer a number of bursaries, primarily for those parents facing financial hardship.


The scholarships currently offered by The Scots College are:

  • Year 7 2022 Academic scholarships – Level 1 (open to Year 6 current Scots families only and new enrolments)
  • Year 7 2022 Music scholarships – Level 1 (open to Year 6 current Scots families only and new enrolments)
  • Year 10 2022 Academic scholarships – Level 2 (open to new enrolments only)
  • Year 10 2022 Music scholarships – Level 2 (open to new enrolments only)


In order to apply for a bursary at The Scots College, applicants must have completed the enrolment process, and have been offered and accepted a confirmed position at the College for the upcoming academic year.

Students can apply for the following bursaries:

  • RM Farquharson Bursary
  • The Scots College All-Rounder Bursary
  • Indigenous education bursaries.


Download further information about the Academic and Music Scholarships 2022.

For Academic scholarship enquiries, please email

For Music scholarship enquiries, please email

Bursaries are means-tested. They are available to boys entering Years 7 to 11 and provide exemption of tuition and/or boarding fees. Bursaries are based on a combination of financial need, leadership qualities, academic performance, interview and co-curricular abilities.

Download detailed information regarding bursaries below:

General Tuition and Boarding Bursaries.

The 2022 RM Farquharson Bursary Application and Checklist.

Evidence of Financial Need.

For bursary enquiries, please email


Registrations for Year 7 and Year 10 2022 Scholarships at The Scots College are open via the ACER Website Registration Link.

Registrations for 2022 Scholarship Applications will close Monday 8 February 2021.


For Academic Scholarship enquiries please email

For Music Scholarship enquiries please email

For ACER Scholarship Registration enquiries please contact the ACER Parent Helpline on 1300 768 952.

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