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Faculty of Creative Arts

Creative Arts at The Scots College incorporates Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts.

Creative Arts at The Scots College incorporates Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts and is a rigorous academic endeavour open to all boys who dare to take risks, and explore through imagination. Students study Arts through performance and practical work; composition and devising; historical context and research as well as design and innovation. Students at Scots are fortunate to work with educators that are active practitioners in their fields, ensuring that students remain cognisant of current trends in the Arts across the International arena.

The Senior years in the Arts allows for students to fine tune their skill set and focus their major projects, bodies of work and performances in styles and genres that are of particular interest to them, ensuring that boys are actively engaged in self-directed learning.

Additionally, students in the Arts have at their fingertips access to external competitions, exhibitions, performances and master classes. and through extra-curricular activities can use these learning experiences to enhance their classroom learning.

The Creative Arts Curriculum at Scots is very fortunate to have Co-Curricular activities that are closely aligned with classroom practices. Co-Curricular Music, Drama, Photography and Audio/Visual are available with leaders in these activities being curriculum practitioners also. We pride ourselves on the creative programming of these activities in such a way that involvement in these activities is of benefit to both curriculum and non-curriculum students. Scots also provides extensive extra-curricular activities for students who wish to advance their learning in the Arts through Music Ensembles, Dramatic Productions, Visual Arts competitions, the ScotsFest Film Festival, Theatresports Competitions and Photography Competitions to name a few.


Drama students at Scots are exposed to a variety of theatre styles and practises. Our boys engage and learn about a wide variety of aesthetics, practises, and elements of production, all explored through movement, analysis, reflection and experimentation. While we focus on developing the acting skills of our student, we also recognise the opportunities to develop critical thinking, confidence, collaborative skills and problem solving embedded in our curriculum.


Scots Media students are exposed to a range of media forms including traditional channels of film, television and radio as well as new formats encompassing social media. Students learn to analyse meaning and representation in both written and practical forms. Media students develop and practice skills within the entire production process including writing, planning, production and post-production. Practical and written assessment is based on student’s creative expression, critical thinking and analysis of the creation of meaning in media products.


Performance. Creativity. Individual Pathways. The Music Curriculum at Scots provides each boy with opportunities and experiences second to none. Both the mandatory and elective courses connect the classroom to real experiences, enhancing the learning and engagement within the sphere of music for each boy. Our music classrooms provide a unique platform for each student to explore, analyse, compose, and perform music, reaching beyond the curriculum.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is a very informative subject that investigates and explores a vast array of social and cultural values and beliefs. It is based on representation and interpretation and is created by individuals who find the world and those that live in it a source of inspiration. Students learn that experiences and exposure, emotions and a passionate desire to communicate are the starting points for creating an original artwork.

Performing Arts

In addition to the College's curriculum based opportunities for all boys in Music, Drama and Dance, many boys across the College are involved extensively in Performing Arts activities outside the classroom. 

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