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Brighton Preparatory School


The Scots College Brighton Preparatory School, located in the historic Primrose House at Dolls Point, becomes a part of Australia’s oldest and most respected schools for boys. The Brighton Preparatory School  opened in 2018, commencing with five classes – Kindergarten to Year 4. The Brighton Preparatory School has grown, adding a Year 6 class in 2020.

Students enrolled at the Brighton Preparatory School will benefit from the same Brave Hearts Bold Minds philosophy of education implemented across all schools of The Scots College.

Brave Hearts Bold Minds

At Scots, we value the quest for excellence through adventure, curiosity, creativity and growth.

The Scots College is committed to a culture of high expectations in which boys can become creative, confident and accomplished learners. Our desired learning outcome is a young man who strives to maintain a firm grasp of every aspect of his humanity, working to develop his true masculinity and to strengthen himself in every way possible. 

Scots’ developmental-stage-relevant models of learning seek to make every day in a Scots boy’s life part of an exciting adventure. Our boys journey through the following six distinct stages as they learn how to live with brave hearts and bold minds in the world.

  • Early Years Centre and Early Learning Centre (Bellevue Hill only) – Curiosity in the world
  • Kindergarten to Year 1 – Exploration in the world
  • Years 2 to 4 – Wonder in the world
  • Years 5 to 6 – Mastery in the world
  • Years 7 to 9 – Adventure in the world
  • Years 10 to 12 – Courage and conviction in the world 

We strive to produce right heartedness, right thinking and right action. With brave hearts and bold minds – head, heart and hands engaged – our Scots boys may become strong, secure, humble and powerful.

Many Cultures One Clan

The Brighton Preparatory School encapsulates the essence of The Scots College. A rich tapestry of the honourable traditions of the Presbyterian Church, the College and the local community entwined with the innovation and quest for excellence required to be at the forefront of the education of young men in Australia. We aim to develop the boys’ passion and enthusiasm for learning. We see learning as a quest that boys will undertake, providing them with the opportunities to develop their self-confidence, their critical and creative thinking, and the skills needed to collaborate and work as part of a team. We recognise that these are essential elements for the boys to master for success in the 21st Century.

At Brighton our boys enjoy a learning environment that combines the elegance of the newly restored Primrose House with state-of-the-art educational design – creating an exciting, collaborative and serene space to learn, play and grow together.

The teaching and learning program is characterised by pedagogy that is focused on the achievement of academic excellence, and the innovation process that caters to the individual needs of boys. Staff design immersive learning that aims to provoke rich thinking, drive innovation, engage boys, and balance individualisation and collaboration. The boys will develop necessary learner dispositions required to be successful in the world. These dispositions allow them to be effective problem-solvers and communicators and possess the ability to think critically and creatively while reflecting deeply on this process.

An essential component of the holistic development of a Scots boy is his character and how this character is built. A Fine Scots Boy! The Positive Behavioural Plan draws on four foundational pillars: courage, integrity, compassion and faith. These pillars develop within the boys a sense of pride in their actions, as well as a depth of understanding and connection to responsible and respectful behaviours.

Our Brave Hearts Bold Minds approach to educating and raising boys uses developmental-stage relevant models of learning, enabling us to support every boy, at every stage of his development, to become a confident, well-grounded young man of integrity. This is why academic success alone does not prepare boys for the future. A strong sense of identity, values, and character is vital.

As the boys prepare for the next stage of their scholastic quest in the Senior School, they leave the Brighton Preparatory School with a clear understanding of what it means to learn, lead and serve within Scots and the broader community.

Every day in a boy’s life should be part of an exciting adventure. He should be challenged and know the true joy of achieving worthy and ambitious goals through his own meaningful work and through the efforts of the teams of which he is a valued member.

At Scots, we aim to produce right heartedness, right thinking and right action. With brave hearts and bold minds our boys become strong, secure and humble men of integrity and principle.

Our values encompass:

  • The Quest for Excellence through adventure, curiosity, creativity and growth
  • Our Faith and Tradition which inspire truth, honour, loyalty and commitment
  • Leadership Through Teams in a spirit of service, compassion, humour and community

The result is a learning environment where creative and courageous thinking, rigorous and disciplined learning and refined character come together in a culture of high expectations.

Experiential learning is at the heart of our teaching. We offer students a wide variety of educational opportunities, created through strategic partnerships with local associations and clubs, such as the Georges River 16ft Sailing Club. Students also have access to specialist tuition and facilities in a range of subjects such as Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Sport.

Agile learning spaces have been built, allowing boys to engage with the curriculum in the manner best suited to them. Adaptable, comfortable and free-form, these spaces give teachers the opportunity to customise lessons to the individual learning needs of students.

Our boys will benefit from the Brighton Preparatory School Sporting Excellence Program, which encourages them to achieve sporting success, no matter what that means to them, and to equip them with the resilience to persist during times of adversity.

Scots boys grow into fine young men of courage and conviction in the world.

Scots to the fore!



Mr Rod Stoddart

Head of the Brighton Preparatory School




Enrolling at Brighton 

To apply to have your son enrolled at Brighton, please click here.

If you have any questions about enrolling at the Brighton Preparatory School, please contact Admissions on 02 9391 7668 or admissions@tsc.nsw.edu.au

Information Mornings

The Scots College Brighton Preparatory School's Information Mornings provide insight into a day in the life of a Scots boy, and explain our vision for the new campus. Click here to schedule a tour. 

Before and After School Care 

After School Care: 3:00pm to 6:00pm – Monday to Friday

Please note Brighton Preparatory School does not offer Before School Care, however, boys can arrive from 7:30am. 


The Brighton Preparatory School is located at 190 Russell Avenue, Dolls Point, in the historic Primrose House.



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