Camping at Bannockburn, The Scots College

 Cradled between national parks, the Shoalhaven River delta and Culburra Beach, is the beautiful Bannockburn campus. Located on approximately 300 hectares in size, the property is known as the College's Active Learning campus.

Experiential learning is the focus at Bannockburn, with boys tackling activities that enrich learning outcomes from mathematics to manual arts, science, sport, english and environmental studies.

Utlising Activity Stations, Bannockburn accommodates students on overnight or long stay excursions, while allowing them to work from various locations on the campus to engage in learning activities.

All subjects are approached using a sustainable focus, ensuring Scots boys advance to their future with a sound ethical and scientific understanding of how they impact the world. It will also help them think critically and deeply about how their choices can better help the planet. 

The underlying values of ‘traditional’ agriculture has helped forge the Australian culture as we know it today. Work ethic, innovation, patience and independent thinking are the mainstays of rural life and are also key components of the development of a successful young person in today’s modern society. ‘Hands-on’ is the window to interest and engagement.

Bannockburn is intended to develop and build on what is already a uniqie adventure and experiential program at Glengarry for Year 9 boys.

The difference for Bannockburn is its Transition to Year 12 focus, where boys will have opportunities both prior to and post Glengarry to enjoy active learning and outdoor education experiences.

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