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With today's rapid rate of technology it's imperative students remain fully appraised with the latest information and communication technology (ICT). For the boys, Pipeline is a virtual learning environment which engages them with modern ICT and allows them to collaborate with teachers and fellow students on subject matters.

Real time information services are accessible to students, parents, staff and the wider Scots community through Pipeline. Parents are provided with up-to-date information including their son's academic progress, timetables and assessment schedules, attendance history and teachers' contact details.

Pipeline is a single point of access to web services for students, teachers and parents. It offers a virtual learning environment which allows teachers and students to tackle and collaborate on subject matter in a more productive, efficient and engaging way. Students can elect to display a portfolio of work for class mates to see, whilst teachers are able to post a range of resources including useful links, past exam papers, learning objects and other information.

Pipeline provides parents with real time information to enable participation in the management of their boy's academic progress during his time at the College. Parents can access the College calendar, notices, publications and policies, their son's academic reports, academic timetables, assessment schedules, marked assessment tasks, attendance history and a listing of his teachers' email addresses.